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Ways To Donate

  1. Donate Money - Make a Financial Tax-Deductible Donation to our 501(c)(3) organization

    Via Check: Mail all checks to "HealthCare Volunteer"
    809B Cuesta Drive Ste. 141
    Mountain View, CA 94040

    Via Online: Click on the link below
Direct Dollar Donation Program

$1 of every $1 will be donated to the people in need! A new model for how non-profit organizations should be run.
  1. Donations are tax-deductible with the U.S. IRS
  2. Each $1 donated to our online program provides an estimated $600+ of social value to people in need. (See 2008 Annual Report)
  3. At the end of the year, you will be told exactly how your donation was spent in our annual report or via email if you query.
  4. All individual donations go directly to the people we serve; all our administrative costs are funded by non-donor and non-grant sources.
  5. 100% directed to programs / 0% directed to administrative/fundraising costs
Annual Reports
2008 Annual Report
2007 Annual Report
2006 Annual Report

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IRS Tax-Exempt Letter
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Statistics for our Direct Patient Care Programs:
2005 - Total # of Patients Directly Treated: 0
2006 - Total # of Patients Directly Treated: 12
2007 - Total # of Patients Directly Treated (Dental): 505
2007 - Total # of Patients Receiving (Medical/Surgery): 1508
2008 - Total # of Patients Directly Treated (Dental): 780 (as of 1/1/2009)
2008 - Total # of Patients Receiving (Medical/Surgery): 2351 (as of 1/1/2009)
Checks Payable to "HealthCare Volunteer"
Mail Checks To "HealthCare Volunteer"
809B Cuesta Drive Ste. 141
Mountain View,
CA (94040)

Why should I donate to HealthCare Volunteer?

  1. Since January, 2006 we have had tens of thousands of volunteers searching our site, hundreds of organizations list their volunteering opportunities and connected thousands of volunteers to the right volunteering opportunity.
  2. "$1 of every dollar" donated goes directly to people in need. We do not use any of your donations to cover administration/overhead costs of our organization. The average non-profit is considered successful if they can spend less than 35 cents of every dollar donated to their organization. We spend 0 cents of ever dollar donated and give it directly to the people who need it.
  3. Our services are 100% free and we depend on donations for our existence.
  4. We are committed! In fact, none of our members receive any financial compensation for their work.