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While researching potential solutions for my brother Dennis Steigerwald, I came across your website and am amazed by what you and others are doing.
Doug Steigerwald
Yaphank, New York

I have been searching a lot of volunteering websites since a couple of months, but I found that this website has a lot of information and also opportunities. Someone actually responded to my query unlike with other websites! Congratulations on having a dedicated group of volunteers!
Sheela Ayyagari
Willow Grove, USA

I am an emergency physician from San Diego who likes to go on medical missions. When I started two years ago I found it so hard to find good information. Thank you for bringing us together!
Dr. James A. Nelson, M.D.
Emergency Physician - San Diego, California

Dental Volunteer is an invaluable tool for finding volunteer opportunities. I had such a rewarding experience in New Orleans. It made me want to get involved on the international level, and now, in June, I will be going to Uganda and I can’t wait! All thanks to dentalvolunteer.com.
E. Astani
DDS Candidate - Los Angeles, California

Wow.. that's a pretty awesome site you've got going there! It is so hard to find volunteering opportunities on the Internet. I think it's really helpful to have all the info and applications centralized and streamlined like you have it. Best,
Jen Chiang
Student - Los Angeles, California

Once again thanks for all your work in making international health opportunities available to health professionals!
Dr. Anil Purohit, M.D.
Columbia, South Carolina

I just checked out healthcarevolunteer.com and you have really inspired me to...volunteer! So now, I'm trying to find something that I can do! You guys are so awesome!
Los Angeles, CA

HCV (my abbreviation) has been easy to work with, very helpful and has enabled me to find a place to work where my skills are uniquely helpful and the opportunity to live among people who are a pleasure to know.
Dr. Feinstein - Surgeon
Arizona, USA

Great stuff, you and your colleagues should be commended!! . . .Best and congrats again on the stellar efforts.....
Dr. Savitsky - Director UCLA Center for International Medicine
Arizona, USA

Thanks again and my admiration for all you do as a group !!
Jayashree Pujara - India

You guys have done a really impressive job putting together a great site, and should be proud.
Dr. Richards - OB/GYN Chief Resident Northwestern Univeristy
Chicago, USA

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