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Partner With Us:

Ready To Partner With Us?
If you are a non-profit organization, government organization or business interested in partnering with us, please contact us below.

Government Organizations: We are currently forming partnerships with government organizations to promote volunteerism with government or national health care associations, increase access to volunteering opportunities and information and co-marketing of volunteering opportunities.

Business Services: For qualified businesses trying to promote volunteerism among their employees and in their communities, we are providing free access to our volunteering database under a co-branded name.
What you'll get if you qualify:
  • Free services to offer your employees/site visitors access to our database of volunteering opportunities under a co-branded name
  • Free services to track # of employees volunteering, # of hours per employee volunteered and reports to track total # of hours volunteered by your employees, # of employees volunteering with one of our opportunities.

To Apply: Submit a brief statement of interest via email health@healthcarevolunteer.com