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United Planet
11 Arlington Street
Boston,MA,02116,United States

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Last Updated: 03.02.07
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Countries/States Served: Cambodia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Ghana, Guatemala, India, Japan, Jordan, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Tanzania, Turkey, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Denmark, Ecuador, Finland, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Brazil
People Utilized or Employed: Trainable Volunteers, Dental Hygiene, Dentistry, General Preventive Medicine, Family Medicine, Social Work, Pharmacy, Pediatrics, Pediatric Dentistry, Orthodontics
Types of Students Allowed:
Medical Students, Premedical Students, Dental Students, Predental Students, Nursing Students, Prenursing Students, Pharmacy Students, Prepharmacy Students, Veterinary Students, Preveterinary Students, Optometry Students, Preoptometry Students
Program Length: Short Term (Less than 1 month) and Long Term (Greater than 1 month)
Language Skills: English
Religious Affiliations:
University Affiliations:
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Current Volunteer Opportunities (Unpaid Positions)
Cambodia Dental Quest needed for Less than 1 month
Opportunity Description: Are you in the dental field or studying to be, and want to help those who have little to no access to dental care? This is the Quest for you! Spend an incredible 10 days in Siem Reap, Cambodia while helping children learn more about oral health care. Most children in this area will never see a Dentist. Most of them don?t have a toothbrush. Dates: Sunday July 1 ? Wednesday July 11, 2007 Volunteers must arrive in Siem Reap, Cambodia on Sunday July 1st and their flights should leave Siem Reap on Wednesday July 11th.Work: Volunteers will work closely with Dr. Jon Ryder, the group leader, to treat young patients at the Children?s Hospital. The group will also instruct children at local schools on how to care for their teeth.Volunteer Requirements:Must work in the Dentistry field (dentists, dental hygienists, assistants, etc) or be a pre-dental or dental studentMinimum age 18Willingness to work, learn and share in cultural exchangeFlexibility & openness
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 15
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Tanzania Group Quest: HIV/AIDS Education needed for Less than 1 month
Opportunity Description: Are you passionate about ending the HIV/AIDS crisis in Africa? While none of us can single-handedly solve all the problems, you can take action, bringing knowledge and love, changing the lives of a few. Immerse in the Tanzanian culture, learning about a different and beautiful way of life while doing your part to increase the health of others.Dates: Saturday July 28 ? Saturday August 11, 2007 (2 weeks)All volunteers should arrive at Dar es Salaam International Airport on Saturday July 28th.Work: Volunteers will work with local non-profit organizations in and around Dar es Salaam to educate young people about HIV/AIDS. This may include school and community center presentations, discussions with youth, and visitations to homes where people are living with HIV/AIDS. Accommodations: Homestay with a local familyVolunteer Requirements:Minimum age: 18 Willingness to work, learn and share in cultural exchange Flexibility & openness Creativity & patience Experience in education or with HIV/AIDS prevention preferred, but not required
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 15
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Medical Quest in Ghana needed for 1 to 3 months
Opportunity Description: Ghana has a huge shortage of doctors and nurses. Quests can be arranged for doctors and other medical professionals in various medical establishments around the country. These placements will be customised according to individual interests and skills.The Quests generally take place outside of Accra, and therefore provide many cultural learning opportunities, through living in villages and interacting with local communities. We also provide customised weekend retreats to beaches, hiking excursions, or cultural tours, in order to provide volunteers with a wide range of experiences.
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 15
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Children?s Hospital in Peru needed for 3 to 6 months
Opportunity Description: Wanted: any professional in the healthcare field except for Psychologists; Paramedics, Pre-med/dental, Medical/Dental students can assist and observe and become part of the clinics teamDuration: minimum of 2 weeksRequirements: intermediate levels of Spanish, but for professionals basic levels are sufficient; CV/ resumeThis is an organization that has private hospitals all over Peru. It was founded by a catholic order in 1995. The children often come from communities far from Cusco, because their parents have sent them away. Their physical and mental incapacities are often not understood. The children are between 2 and 15 years of age. The clinic consists of roughly 60 staff members and 50 accommodations available for patients. Almost all on-site doctors speak a fair level of English. As a volunteer you can help these children even by basic things such as feeding them, brushing their teeth, playing with them, and taking them out.
Total Number of Volunteers Needed: 15
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Mission Statement: (See Web Site For Updated Information)
United Planet is an international non-profit public educational charity with 501(c)3 status, open to the citizens of every country on Earth. The mission of United Planet is to foster cross-cultural understanding and friendship, support communities in need, and promote social economic prosperity among cultures in order to unite the world in a community beyond borders. As featured on CNN, United Planet undertakes a diverse and creative range of educational, humanitarian, and peace-building initiatives. UPs innovative initiatives are designed to expose our common human bonds and foster respect and appreciation for our cultural, racial, and religious diversity, while improving and enriching lives worldwide.

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