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WHO: No plague in Seychelles. All cases negative and previous reports are incorrect. HealthCare Volunteer First to Confirm.

(17/10/2017 12:04 pm Los Angeles Time) - - For Immediate Release: HealthCare Volunteer confirms that all suspected Seychelles plague cases were found to be negative

HealthCare Volunteer has confirmed that the World Health Organization has conducted all lab testing on suspected cases of plague, both bubonic and pneumonic within Seychelles, at its proprietary laboratories earlier today. All cases from Seychelles were tested in WHO laboratories in Institut Pasteur in Paris, France according to WHO physician Dr. Charlotte Nydiaye, who is the representative in Madagascar for the WHO. The doctor claimed in an exclusive phone interview today, "All the cases of plague in Seychelles were negative. There is no plague in Seychelles.". HealthCare Volunteer representatives are not shocked about the findings due in part to the fact that the suspected case was asymptomatic after a very short time and all others who were thought to be ill from the initial case only developed very mild symptoms at best. However, HV believes that all cases should be tested in an independent laboratory in order to increase sensitivity and specificity. Further, HealthCare Volunteer believes that the rapid spread of plague from the island nation of Madagascar to other nations in any threatening and pandemic manner is very unlikely to occur.

The Embassy of Seychelles in New York, United States further reported that flights to and from Antananarivo, Madagascar and Mahe, Seychelles will likely be closed for about "2 weeks" from an official who wished not to be named. It was clear from the initial media coverage that it created a scare for travelers in the region and for the Seychelles Ministry of Health who took proper and conservative precautions to protect its citizens and lucrative tourism economy. HealthCare Volunteer has interviewed multiple media outlets and at this time Air Seychelles and the government of Seychelles has not yet lifted the suspension of flights yet. The WHO and HealthCare Volunter both believe that travel to Madagascar is safe and that travelers should avoid unsanitary and overly crowded areas. Screenings are taking place at the exit point of Antananarivo and temperature sensors have been placed to identity any individuals who may develop disease. Most of the overcrowded areas of downtown Antananarivo including the city Market have been sprayed in order to prevent further spread of the disease.

Dr. Ndiaye did confirm that streptomycin is the drug of choice for the slowly yet alarmingly antibiotic resistant Yersinia Pestis (plague), while all prohylactic doses consist of doxycycline at this time. Further dosages can be found for any potential travelers to the region at this following location CDC Recomendations | WHO Recommendations. HealthCare Volunteers are being advised to follow local precautions and government precautions as well as the standard precautions listed by the WHO.

By George Haddy and Ravi Raghavan

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