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Emirates Airline Foundation to provide HealthCare Volunteer physicians and dentists with free airfare to Tanzania.

Los Angeles, CA USA (10/24/2007) - - Emirates Airline Foundation announced today that it will pledge free airfare to a number of HealthCare Volunteer physicians and dentists who travel to Tanzania over the next one year. Physicians and dentists must volunteer for 3 weeks - 1 year and provide Tanzanian children with health services at one of the HealthCare Volunteer partner hospitals in Tanzania. Volunteers can be licensed from any country but must leave from a Emirates Airline-served airport. Currently, volunteers can volunteer at hospitals Mawenzi, Moshi, Sumbawanga (Rukwa Regional Hospital) and Mpanda area hospitals. Eligible doctors include pediatricians, pediatric dentists, orthodontists/plastic and reconstructive surgeons/ENT specializing in congenital anomalies/defects, pediatric cardiologists, pediatric neurologists, pediatric respirologists and adolescent medicine specialists, medical geneticists, pediatric psychiatry, pediatric urology, pediatric general surgery, pediatric nephrologists, etc. To apply for free airfare, click here.

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HealthCare Volunteer, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, was started in January 1, 2006 by an American dental and medical student, who realized the need for a free non-profit portal that connects all volunteers interested in health care to volunteering opportunities. Due to resource constraints, several national health care organizations rightfully chose not to undertake such a drastic project, and so the opportunity to unite health care volunteers globally remained. It was clear that an independent, 3rd party, non-partisan, non-governmental organization (NGO) unaffiliated with any country or entity needed to be formed to promote health care volunteering in a rapidly globalizing world.

By Elliot Mendelsohn