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HealthCare Volunteer Conducts Site Surveys in Ecuador and Columbia for New Patient Care Programs

(13/08/2009) - - Dr. George Haddy travelled to Ecuador and Columbia on behalf of HealthCare Volunteer to create new partnerships with local clinics.

In Ecuador, Dr. Haddy conducted a comprehensive review of HealthCare Volunteer’s operations by visiting clinical sites, schools, hostels, and the homes of volunteers. One new clinical site was in Puyo, 6 hours away from Quito. Puyo can be reached by travelling through the tourist city of Banos, which should offer volunteers the opportunity to engage in tourism while they volunteer.

In Colombia, Dr. Haddy met with several medical directors, medical school contacts, public health director, one councilman, and the minister of health for the city of Cali. Several potential volunteering sites emerged from these site visits and discussions with senior government officials. Dr. Haddy established the Cali Volunteer group which will become a foundation of HealthCare Volunteer’s on-the-ground operations in Cali, Colombia. The coordinators, Pastor Diego Reyes and his wife Pilar will help set up the volunteers with sites, housing and airport help.

As a result of Dr. Haddy’s visits, both of HealthCare Volunteer’s volunteer on-boarding guides for Ecuador and Colombia were updated. In addition, during his visit, Dr. Haddy distributed educational materials, coloring books, toothbrushes, and toys to 120 children.

Dr. Haddy’s visits to Ecuador and Colombia have laid the groundwork for the opening of international patient care programs in these countries.

By George Haddy and Ravi Raghavan

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