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HealthCare Volunteer to run facial deformities surgical trip in India

(24/09/2009) - - HealthCare Volunteer will operate a free children’s surgery clinic in Raipur, India from December 14 - December 31, 2009. Raipur-based surgeon Dr. Nilesh Pagaria and US-based dentist Dr. Neilesh Pa­tel will comprise the HealthCare Volunteer surgical team. This trip will expand HealthCare Volunteer’s clinical operations into India.

Surgeries will be performed to rectify cleft lip, cleft pal­ate, TMJ ankylosis, and other facial deformities.  Cleft lip and cleft palate are congenital defects due to anatomical fusion failures in the nasal and palatal processes. TMJ Ankylosis is a devastating condition in which the fusion of the lower jaw joint prevents patients from opening their mouths and leads to breathing difficulties.

The team will perform screening camps for children in surrounding villages every third day during the two weeks to continue to find and treat cases. Due to the high demand for facial deformity surgeries in the region, the team will work around the clock to perform as many as 100 surgeries during the period. Many of the children from the surrounding villages have no access to physicians or dentists and live on less than $1 a day. The surgeries to be performed often cost up to $25,000 per case in the United States, but a small $125 donation can sponsor one surgery by covering the cost of sutures, scalpels, anesthesia and surgical supplies. Your small donation will allow these children to live fuller and richer lives.

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