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HealthCare Volunteer launches new website with enhanced user interface and new features .

(29/05/2009) - - HealthCare Volunteer has launched its new website (www.healthcarevolunteer.com) which includes a new graphical layout and user interface, more robust backend data structures, and additional functionality for volunteers. Now in its 3rd year of existence, HealthCare Volunteer is accessed by a variety of users including volunteers, job seekers, medical professionals, and patients. The HealthCare Volunteer development team assimilated the feedback from these users to create a more user-friendly website with increased functionality. The website was designed and developed by Visual Sparks, an IT firm based in Dubai, UAE.

While the general template was left the same, the color scheme was changed to softer and more aesthetically pleasing colors. The text and link placement on almost all pages was re-evaluated and adjusted for increased clarity. Drop down, quick links were added to the top of the website for easy navigation.

More changes were made to the backend of the website. An automated thumbnail generation script was added to make images smaller as they are uploaded. This decreases the physical size of images and thus improves the performance of the website. The development team also programmed AJAX on dynamic pages. The user login system, including the registration process for new users, was also improved and made more robust. The development team is also optimizing the search performance on the website. Lastly, the design of HealthCare Volunteer’s database was improved and optimized for better performance.

Several new features were added to the website as well. The most significant feature is one that allows patients to easily and directly search for the nearest volunteers to provide treatment for them. Patients can enter a location or a zip code and select the radius in miles from their location, and they are then shown the nearest volunteers to them. Volunteer networking has also been improved through the addition of the “Add a friend” feature. Also, a new messaging system has been added that allows volunteers to communicate with each other and patients as well. Composing a message is made easy by using auto-complete feature in recipient box. The messaging system works in a conversation style keeping the history of previous messages while composing or reading a message. A new link was added to the ‘Volunteers’ tab for volunteers to obtain International Insurance for their trips.

By Ravi Raghavan

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