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HealthCare Volunteer plans medical and dental volunteer mission to Juarez, Mexico.

(29/05/2009) - - HealthCare Volunteer, in partnership with a local volunteering group, will be conducting a medical and dental volunteering mission to Jovon con Vision (Youth with a Vision) orphanage on May 31, 2009.

The team from HealthCare Volunteer will primarily consist of 5 – 10 dentists, medical doctors, nurses, dental hygienists, and dental assistants from El Paso and Juarez. The team will travel to Jovon con Vision orphanage in Enpra in the outskirts of Juarez to provide medical and dental care from 9am – 6pm on Sunday, May 31. The focus of the mission will be to treat patients in pain. The team will utilize three mobile dental operatories and basic medical supplies like wound dressings, pain relievers, and antibiotics. The dental team hopes to perform basic procedures like fillings, extractions, and possibly cleanings. Based on past missions to this orphanage, HealthCare Volunteer expects to treat 40-50 patients per doctor. CHIA Missions expects 70% of the dental patients to be adults and remainder to be kids, while CHIA Missions expects more children than adults to be seen for medical treatment.

This will be HealthCare Volunteer’s first mission to Juarez. The organization hopes that this experience will lead to additional healthcare initiatives and partnerships in Juarez.

By Ravi Raghavan

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