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Cleft Lip/Palate Surgeries, Raipur, India

(30/12/2009) - - HealthCare Volunteer launched its inaugural program to Raipur, India in December, 2009. This was a first of its kind mission and during the 2 week period, the team completed 53 surgeries consisting of cleft lip, cleft palate, ear reconstruction and TMJ ankylosis surgeries for underserved children. The surgeries took place at three different hospitals in the Chhattisgarh state of India including the cities of Bhalagat and Raipur. The medical team was covered by a team of 4 surgeons, 6 dentists, 4 anesthesiologists and over 20 assistants. Needless to say the project was well received by the local community and the Bhalagat city paper printed a story covering the volunteer mission the very next day.

The surgical team worked close to 16 hour days, as many villagers were uplifted from the comfort of their villages, and taken to the city where their surgeries were performed.  The patients were treated with the greatest respect, and all patients and their accompanying family members were fed 3 meals per day and housed in safe accommodations. The trip was successful and HealthCare Volunteer is working to continuity of care for these patients through a permanent partnership that has now been forged. Our supporters enabled a sustainable project in Raipur, India where deserving children will continue to have access to life-changing surgeries affecting the head and neck regions.

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