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Healthcare Volunteer Becomes the World's Largest Listing of Health-Related Volunteering Opportunities.

By Ravi Raghavan
Los Angeles, CA (4/4/2007)

HealthCare Volunteer announced on April 4, 2007, that it is now the world’s largest listing of health-related volunteering opportunities. What started as a grass-roots organization to connect volunteers with the right volunteering opportunity in health care, has blossomed into a global volunteering resource accessed by thousands of volunteers in over 118 countries. “We are still in our infancy”, said Neilesh Patel, Founder and Co-CEO of HealthCare Volunteer. “There is still much room for growth and collaboration to foster an even larger listing of health-related volunteering opportunities.”

With over 1500 organizations reporting volunteering listings, HealthCare Volunteer was started with the mission of connecting volunteers with the right volunteering opportunity. “It also announced that next week it will launch a social networking aspect to its online services, which will allow its thousands of registered volunteers the ability to connect with each other to form volunteer teams and new volunteer groups. In addition, it announced that it will completely revamp the design and usability of its web site in the upcoming months in order to make it more usable.

The non-profit organization’s web site traffic has grown more than 1121% since its inception in January, 2006, and it anticipates an even larger growth as it considers expanding to connecting volunteers outside of immediate health-related volunteering opportunities. “We want volunteering to be free, and most importantly we want people to be able to find volunteering for free,” said Elliot Mendelsohn, Co-CEO of HealthCare Volunteer.

HealthCare Volunteer, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, was started in January 1, 2006 by an American dental and medical student, who realized the need for a free non-profit portal that connects all volunteers interested in health care to volunteering opportunities. Due to resource constraints, several national health care organizations rightfully chose not to undertake such a drastic project, and so the opportunity to unite health care volunteers globally remained. It was clear that an independent, 3rd party, non-partisan, non-governmental organization (NGO) unaffiliated with any country or entity needed to be formed to promote health care volunteering in a rapidly globalizing world.