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Ahmad Hassan
Member Since: August 16, 2018
Location: Sheffield ZZ United Kingdom

Last Updated: August 16, 2018

About Me:
I am a physician from Pakistan and currently I am pursuing a masters degree in United Kingdom. I plan to volunteer for a few months after the completion of my course i.e. September to November. I have worked in healthcare setups in Pakistan before. I have experience working in low resource and challenging environments. I am fully prepared to work in harsh and challenging environments and put my medical knowledge and expertise into practice to help my fellow human beings in distress.
Health Specialty: Internal Medicine
Area of Focus: Direct medical care as a doctor in out-patient, inpatient and emergency settings.
Skills: As a House Physician & Surgeon I provided direct care and participated in management decisions for patients in Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Ob/Gyn (including Labor Room), Pediatrics and Emergency departments at Nishtar hospital. I did thorough history and physical examinations, filled out patient charts, suggested investigation tests, devised treatment plans and also provided Pre-and Post-op care to surgery patients (during surgery house-job). I attended morning and evening rounds during which I presented patient cases to my Supervisors. I did various medical procedures like nasogastric intubations, urethral catheterization, phlebotomy (venous and arterial), diagnostic and therapeutic spinal, peritoneal and pleural taps. I also observed central venous catheterizations, peritoneal dialysis catheterization and umbilical vein catheterization (in neonatology/pediatrics). I provided care to surgical patients in the operating room during Surgery and Ob/Gyn Rotation where I assisted in a variety of Surgical Procedures both during Emergency and Elective Surgeries. Twice weekly I had outpatient clinic duty where I had to do history and physical examination and present the case to my senior residents and help devise investigation and treatment plans. Twice weekly throughout my house job I had Emergency Room duties (Labor Room during Ob/Gyn rotation) where I provided emergency care to emergency and trauma patients as part of ER and Trauma team. I learned about Emergency Airway management (by both medical and surgical methods) and Basic and Advanced Life Support for various Medical and Surgical Emergencies. I learned pleural drain placement techniques and performed minor surgical emergency procedures like appendectomy, wound debridement, stitching and dressing.
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Available To Meet Other Members: yes
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Languages Spoken: English Urdu
Hobbies: I enjoy reading world history, science fiction and novels, also I like watching movies and playing computer games. I like to play football and field hockey. I have keen interests in Biochemistry, Genetics, Biotechnology, Microbiology, Pathology and Medicine. I also like to read about air force fighter jets and space phenomena.
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