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Partner Policy / Application.
HealthCare Volunteer's Criteria for Partnering with Local NGOs/Non-profits in Direct Patient Care Programs

Potential Partners of HealthCare Volunteer must meet the following requirements:
1. Use of volunteering fees should be as transparent to the volunteer as possible. Volunteer organization must include a breakdown of volunteering fees and the intended purpose of that money.

For example, $1000 volunteer fees should be broken down as follows:
a. $500 - Housing (6 months)
b. $250 - Meals (6 months)
c. $250 - Equipment

2. Tourist / entertainment activities cannot be charged as mandatory, up-front fees to the volunteer unless the volunteer explicitly agrees and requests to pay these fees. The volunteer should be given the option of paying this fee upon his / her arrival to the volunteering site if he / she decides to take part in the entertainment activities.

3. Volunteer organizations should be either registered NGOs, Non-profits, Government Entities or such and abide by local laws, operate at standard of care and exercise the highest ethical conduct.

How does my organization apply?
Follow this 3 step process:
a. Create an account and then login to your account. Next Login to your account and fill out your organization registration form.
b. Next, Print/Fill out the Paper form (PDF or DOC) and mail it to us with supporting documents.
c. Upon receipt of your materials, we will process your application, and if approved, we will provide one volunteer to your program on a trial basis. Upon return, if the volunteer has a positive experience as documented by our volunteer survey, we will form a formal partnership with your organization. Filling out the Partner Inquiry Form is not a guarantee of partnership, but we do try to accommodate as many NGOs/Non-profits/Gov't entities as possible.