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Suggested Volunteer Packing List

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Clothing and Apparel Medicinal Accessories Documents Toiletries
Underwear Sunscreen Umbrella Visa Toothbrush
Long pants Immunizations Money belt Passport and copies Toothpaste
Belt Band Aids Travel journal Plane tickets Towel
Shorts Anti – inflammatory
Camera Immunization card Comb
Socks Anti – diarrhea Batteries Travel journal Liquid soap
T-shirts Antacids Appropriate adaptor Emergency telephone numbers - embassy, local / home contacts Toilet paper
Long sleeve shirts Chap stick Travel books / guidebooks
Appropriate medical manuals for volunteer work Shaving razor
Swimming trunks Insect repellant Pleasure books Dictionary for local language Shaving cream
Light jacket / rain jacket   Local currency   Deodorant
Tennis shoes   ATM card   Q tips
Heavy jacket / fleece   Credit card    
Hiking shoes        

• Altitude, motion sickness medication
• Medication (extra prescription)
• Money belt, leg safe
• Cash (small US bills), local currency
• Documents (passport, visas, yellow WHO card, tickets, etc.)
• Extra passport pictures
• Umbrella, poncho
• Flashlight
• Medication (extra prescription)
• Locks (luggage, hotel room door, etc.)
• Glasses, contact lenses
• Swiss Army knife, basic tool set
• Telephone card, phone/address book
• Traveler's checks, credit cards
• Travel guide and phrase book
• Medical reference books - to help with unfamiliar diseases
• Medical or surgical supply items that may not be available
• Sewing kit
• Laundry detergent
• Strong string and a few clothespins - for drying clothes
• Mosquito net, if needed
• Radio - small portable short-wave (if not restricted)
• Light pot for boiling water
• Tupperware type containers with tight lids for food storage (insects, humidity, etc.)
• Plastic bags
• Gifts from home
• Film and batteries( much more expensive abroad)
• Sunglasses, sun screen
• Fitness and leisure items (books, journal, etc.)
• Water filter, candle and matches
• Transformer for electrical appliances (hair dryer, shaver, etc)

Additional Tips

-Visit US Travel Bureau at for information on the countries you will be visiting
-Visit the CDC travel bureau at for health information and necessary immunizations for the countries you will be visiting
-Bring both cotton and nylon clothing as cotton is cool and comfortable while nylon dries quickly when wet
-Check your airlines luggage restrictions prior to packing – note size, weight, and number of allowable checked and carry on bags
-Customize the list above to your destination and volunteering opportunity