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Summer Camp Nurse
June 16, 2015 August 1, 2015
Mt. Vernon, KY United States 40456
Organization Affiliation :
Christian Appalachian Project,
Volunteer Needs :
Licensed Pratical Nurse

Description of Activity / Trip :
We are in need of summer camp nurses for our camps serving children from low-income families in Eastern Kentucky. Camp usually starts at the beginning of June and runs through the end of July. Nurse responsibilities are as follows: Oversee nurse’s station to see that it is furnished with basic supplies. Monitor daily medication for campers and document in appropriate records; have evening meds ready so that staff can oversee camper meds at bedtime. Review campers’ medical histories weekly to become aware of camper population and possible needs for the week. Serve closely with camp staff to report illnesses/injuries and follow up with Camp Coordinator and Manager regarding campers’ health. Perform a variety of first aid: treat bee stings, rashes (poison ivy & oak), blisters, splinters, sunburns, bruises/abrasions, etc We are an interdenominational Christian organization; however, our volunteers are not required to be Christian.
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Supplies and Equipment Needed :
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